Healing from a difficult birth

Has your birth experience left you feeling sad, anxious, upset, confused?

image of text rewind

Do you find yourself wanting to talk about it over and over again - but sometimes, depending on who you talk to are you told 'at least you and your baby are ok or at least you both survived?'

Or perhaps you or your baby are not OK?

Do you not want to talk about it or avoid thinking about it because it makes you feel too upset, anxious or even ill?

Do you go into fight or flight type panic when you recall your birth (tight chest, knots in stomach, sweaty palms) ?

Do you have nightmares or flashbacks?

Does it cause you to feel tearful and emotional when you recount the experience?

Are you avoiding or scared of having another baby because of your experience?

I have been Supporting woman and families with understanding their feelings around birth for many years.  Sometimes it may be obvious why you feel sad and other times it might not be - it matters little what others perception of your birth is- if you are left with difficult feelings you may want to receive support with this and you may be relieved to know there is very effective help and support available.

I offer 3 options for supporting woman (and families) left with difficult feelings following birth:

I offer: Birth Debriefing Service

I offer: The 3 step Rewind Technique (which includes a listening and debriefing session)

I will support you to decide which of the 2 services might be the most useful for you.  These sessions can be offered both in person or on Skype- both with very successful results.  There is no time limit your birth experience could have been recent or many years ago.

If you are here because you have suffered the loss of an infant I am so sorry.  I offer grief support beyond the loss of a baby, no matter the circumstances or length of gestation.

Beyond Loss support

Go gently, and please do reach out...