Post Natal Doula Support

Day Time

I have been providing postpartum support for many years and bring my CalmFamily knowledge into the support I provide.  This approach incorporates evidence based knowledge on the fourth trimester, bonding, calming, understanding babies communication and cues, understanding infant sleep, and the journey to weaning.

I am a breastfeeding peer supporter (which is similar to taking a gcse level qualification)

I particularly specialise in supporting very unsettled babies, higher needs babies and parents who need support with self-confidence in parenting.  I also work often with families who experience birth trauma and postnatal depression.

I generally have time slots of up to 3hrs up to 3 times a week, Monday to Friday.

My Post-Natal Day Time Doula rates:-

My daytime hourly rate is £30 per hour (up to 10pm)

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Night Time Doula Support

I understand parenting doesn't end at night time and I also know that sleep deprivation is one of the difficulties many parents struggle with.  Sleep deprivation can make it very difficult to be the kind of parent you would like to be during the daytime. I also understand why many parents are not keen to try common sleep training methods, such as Controlled Crying and am happy to support parents to work through the pros and cons of commonly used sleep training techniques.

  • Analysing the sleep journey so far.
  • Understanding what normal baby sleep looks like.
  • The pros and cons of the most commonly used sleep training techniques.
  • Gentle techniques to help your baby sleep
  • How to maximize the amount of sleep your baby - and you - will get

My goals as a Post Natal Night Time Doula, are to ensure you maximise the amount of sleep you are able to get.

I can work with you during your early parenting journey, or perhaps if you begin to feel a bit of night time support would be helpful for an older baby, I am able to support you any time you may need it.

I can sleep in the same room as your baby and bring your baby to you when they need feeding, then take them to resettle them after their feed.

If your baby accepts a bottle, then I can take care of them for an entire night if you would prefer.

I can spend time with you in the evening supporting you to find gentle night time solutions to ensure both parents maximise their sleep.

The landscape of sleep is ever changing in the first few years of your infant's life. Developmental leaps often disrupt baby and toddler sleep and night-time waking can often be mistaken or only ever linked to hunger.  I'm there to help during those times where you would like some additional support and to recharge your batteries.

My Post-Natal Night Time Doula rates:-

My night time hourly rate is £35.00 per hour (from 10pm until 6am)

Ideally I would like to meet you or talk to you on the phone to first gain an understanding of the kind of  support you would like.

I will normally work a maximum of 2 nights per week, over a set period.

I can work from 9pm-6am although am happy to discuss later start times and earlier finishing times.

I am a recognised Birth Doula and Post Natal Doula.  I have supported many families as a Birth Doula.  I have worked with many families as a night time Postnatal Doula and have worked with children throughout most of my career, as a child-minder, Nanny and Doula.  I am CRB checked.

What I do:-

  • I offer emotional and practical support postnatally.
  • I will take care of your baby overnight, wake when they wake, and bring them to you if you would like me to for feeding.
  • I draw on my knowledge and experience and can provide suggestions and/or information about infant sleep, supporting your baby to develop good sleep habits, and supporting you to maximise your sleep.
  • I will care for your baby in a nurturing and kind way.

What I don't do:-

  • I don't offer medical advice.
  • I don't do controlled crying, cry it out, or sleep training.
  •  I won't try to persuade you to change your mind about how you would prefer to approach infant sleep (rather support you by providing information to help you make informed choices).