Beyond Birth De-brief


Post Birth De-brief – The opportunity to explore and talk about your birth experience, with an experienced professional.

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Many Mums and Parents experience challenging feelings beyond birth, and rarely get the opportunity to de-brief these experiences in a non-biased or non-judgemental environment.

So often feelings and experiences are dismissed with unhelpful comments such as: ‘at least you and your baby are ok and alive’ or responded to with others stories of difficulties during labour and birth, often leaving the mum or parents feeling confused or guilty for experiencing the feelings they are having.  We compare and tell ourselves at least its not as bad as……often then pushing them aside.

Sometimes these feelings can be laid to rest for a while and re-surface when we are considering or approaching our next birth experience.

There is so much value in exploring your feelings in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

I offer birth de-briefing 1-1’s in the comfort of your own home, for mum or both parents.

It doesn’t matter if your birth experience was recently or many years ago.

Whilst I do ask for payment for this service, as it helps me to continue my work as a Doula.  If you are on a low-income or can’t afford to pay a set fee, I am happy to discuss this upon booking.  I would far prefer each parent gets the opportunity to de-brief their birth experience rather than not – due to costs and am happy to negotiate a ‘pay what you can afford’ contribution.

I can offer evening and weekend dates for this service.  Please contact me before booking to arrange a suitable date and time, we can arrange the fee, and then I will email you a booking code.

Client Testimonial:- 

“My birth experience was not entirely straightforward, and there were aspects of the aftercare that were traumatic and left a lasting impression on me just when I was learning how to be a mum for the first time. Talking to Katie about my experiences, and being allowed the time to really explore my feelings around what happened during and after labour and birth, really helped me to get clarity on why I felt the way I did and how those experiences had made an impact on me. The support Katie offered both before and after the birth of my son was a real comfort at a time I needed someone to understand what I was going through. I really felt Katie cared, and wanted to help me process what I’d been through. I would not hesitate to recommend a de-briefing session with Katie if you have had difficult experiences during labour and birth, or simply want to talk through what it was like for you.”