Training: Compassionate Communication for Birthworkers

In our role as doulas and birthworkers we may often find ourselves in very challenging situations and having or witnessing very challenging and triggering conversations and dialogue.  It can be very difficult to prevent our judgements and feelings from influencing the way we contribute to these communications, particularly if we are feeling tired, emotional or triggered.  We all have a silent dialogue that influences what we say out loud in our conversations with others.

Compassionate communication has the ability to have a positive impact upon all areas of your life. It involves active listening on another level! You will learn the skills to hear your own value judgements and those of others and how to experience the feelings that are triggered as a result without necessarily acting upon them.  You will learn how you can meet those experiences with compassion.  You will learn how to hear and identify your own needs.  You will learn how to identify the needs of others and to separate yours from theirs.  You will learn to interpret the silent dialogue that you do not hear.  You will learn how to apply those skills to the way that you communicate.  Supporting you to communicate in a more productive way within challenging situations in your work.

This workshop will have a particular focus on real life scenarios within our roles as birth workers, where we often have to navigate relationships with many different professionals, lay supporters and clients or service user families.

This workshop is suitable for all birthworkers including doulas, midwives, health care providers and lay supporters…….

If you are interested in attending this 1 day workshop, please contact me at [email protected]

There are dates in April, July and October.