TW – Miscarriagie Diary – Hide your grief

“Maybe you should just say its ladies problems”?

Except it isnt -just a ladies problem.

Its grief, raw grief, pain………

I have a dead baby inside me

I didn’t put it in there alone so how is it just my problem? Or Ladies Problems?


“I dont think they need to know right now………”

Is that for your own comfort? Or does it have my best interests at heart?

The vessel to the dead baby?

Hiding her grief, hiding her pain,

Needing to feel safe enough to let this dead embryo birth from her uterus. yet in a house full of others that shouldn’t know the truth…….

Is it age appropriate to know about grief, dead foetuses, miscarriage?

And what of when they go through this themselves? Do we tell them then? Oh yes, we went through the heart wrenching process of miscarriage, missed miscarriage, continuing a pregnancy for 5 weeks after the embryo died.  We went through that secretly.

Keep your grief to yourself.

Only the alive ones can be celebrated.


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