TW – Miscarriagie Diary – Early Pregnancy Unit – Prioritising which woman deserve reassurance

I’m spotting, brown discharge. My midwife reassures me.  I am reassured.  This could be normal.  Yes – I know it can be.  Cling on to that hope. I’m spotting pink discharge. My midwife reassures me.  Only fresh red blood should be a concern.  Cling on to that hope. I’m spotting fresh red blood, EPU ask … Read more

TW – Miscarriagie Diary – I imagined you

I imagined you I dreamed of you I’d thought of names I liked for you. I included you in all our future dreams. We thought about where you would sleep, where your bedroom would eventually be, your siblings and their relationship with you. The complexities of our blended family, life and where you might fit … Read more

‘Train your baby like a dog’ – The Review

I am a Postpartum Doula, Birth and Parenting Educator and Coach, I have a particular interest in supporting parents with normal infant sleep and toddler behaviour. In 2012 I trained with both: Sarah Ockwell Smith – Psychologist with a specialism in Child Development – Formerly BabyCalm/ToddlerCalm and now The Gentle Parenting Series Dr Vic Montgomery, … Read more

Child Of Mine – Birth Loss Awareness Week

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Why I am urging everyone to go and watch the screening of Child of Mine. Baby Loss Awareness Week. 09th – 15th October 2018  After much deliberation, debate and deep thought I decided to purchase my ticket for the screening of Child of mine, being hosted at the Arts theatre, Cambridge on Monday 8th October … Read more

Why I am not worried about the Home Education Bill introduced by Lord Soley


The Home Education Bill introduced by Lord Soley is on the radar of many Home Educating families at the moment.  On social media there are many discussions amongst Home Educators around the Bill, ranging from those families that are mildly anxious to those that are feeling sheer panic to all of those in between!  There … Read more