Parenting 1-1s, Sleep and Toddler Parenting Support

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I've supported hundreds of families since 2012 as a birthworker, perinatal doula and Calmfamily Consultant.

I run my parenting support virtually on zoom as 1-1s and group sessions.

Becoming a parent can feel hugely over-whelming. Coupled with a sometimes tricky start to parenting, (unfortunately I de-brief many more challenging birth experiences than positive birth experiences) it can be a difficult time.

It can also be an incredibly happy time.  So many emotions to feel.

I offer the space for you to explore your parenting instincts.  To really tune in to what feels right for you.

I share evidence and research based information on topics such as baby brain development, confident baby handling, normal infant sleep and realistic expectations and feeding your baby.  None of this is based on opinion, and not based on advice - which we can often find challenging to navigate from friends, family, books and even sometimes health care professionals.

What you will learn is all evidence and research based information. The idea behind the sessions is to provide information that allows you to feel confident and able to tune into your own parenting intuition when moving forward as a parent. To eliminate the self-doubt we can often feel when we are bombarded with well-meaning but conflicting advice and information about how to care for ourselves and our babies, which unfortunately often happens from the moment we discover we are expecting a baby.

I cover many topics as a Parenting consultant, via the Calm Family method.


I will guide you through Calming and bonding techniques and confident baby handling.  I will support you to explore and understand your babies world and the brain development that they will accomplish during the early years.  I will guide you to support optimal neurological and physiological development and explore how you can develop a long term relationship with your child which is full of trust.

We will explore normal infant sleep and what the landscape of that might look like for your individual baby.

I fully encourage a supportive environment in which parents share and learn from each other and from me.

Toddler Parenting:  2, 4 or 6 wk Course or 3hr workshop.

We will explore why your toddler has tantrums or melt downs, hits out and acts out their feelings, why your toddler behaves the way they do, a deeper understanding of the challenges your toddler faces in their day to day life.  There will be opportununitues to explore your own long term parenting goals and support in ensuring your child has a healthy sense of themselves and a strong Emotional IQ.  We explore various mainstream parenting approaches (time-out, reward charts etc.) and look at the pro's and con's of each for your family, Once we have explored all of that i will guide you through the CalmFamily approach to parenting. I will give you tips around ways to communicate so your child actually listens. I will share  ways of supporting and developing your childs 'good manners' so they don't need constantly reminding.  We will complete the course or workshop with time to put together your own unique plan/parenting approach that works for your family.

Here is what one mum said about the support she received -

Thank you so much for your support, I honestly would have been lost without your devoted care and love as well as the useful information and research you delivered in such a non-judgemental environment. You changed the way I thought about my son and how I can care for him. He is really beginning to smile now and is developing a little personality of his own. I am finally beginning to really feel motherly love for him, rather than feeling solely like someone who is protecting him. I still get days where I need a break but not in the same 'I need to escape' way, more in a 'would anyone else like a cuddle so I can make dinner' sort of way!

Here is what one mum said about the Toddler Parenting Workshop:-

I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. Parenthood is difficult at the best of times, but to have someone talk to you about options, approaches and the psyche of a toddler is very helpful. The information you provided was so helpful to allow me to reflect and draw my own conclusion on what's best for my toddler.

I must admit I was a little apprehensive thinking you (as part of ToddlerCalm) would be teaching (possibly preaching) about how I 'should' be parenting a challenging toddler. But to be given pro's and cons on certain parenting approaches has certainly made me think twice about what I do.

I am just sorry that informative and helpful courses like this aren't available through sure start centres and health centres.

I have come away feeling that my partner and I have some work to do with our gorgeous sparky cranky pants, but that we are moving in the right direction.

Thank you 🙂