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Guiding you on your unique pathway from pregnancy to parenthood.

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The transition to parenthood is a time of great change! Pregnancy, childbirth,  becoming a parent and adding to our family is one of the biggest transitions in our lives. Full Spectrum Doula support and support with infant sleep issues can make such a difference to our emotional wellbeing during this time.

Doula Services

Supporting you through pregnancy, childbirth and onwards

Sleeping better

I support families with sleep throughout childhood from 0 months right up to 7+

Calm Family

Feel confident and able to tune into your own parenting intuition when moving forward as a parent

Healing after birth

Has your birth experience left you feeling sad, anxious, upset, confused?

Doula Training and birth worker CPD

I'm delighted to now be counted as a facilitator for Developing Doulas and offer courses throughout the year.

I also offer CPD workshops aimed at birth workers.

I have supported many families during Birth and in the early Postnatal time and look forward to supporting many more. Here is what some have said:

Katie was extremely knowledgeable regarding the subject of child development and the impact this can have on sleep. With Katie’s help, advice and support we feel confident in our decision to continue to parent using a gentle approach.

 I had a memorable water birth that I had always dreamed of. I picked up my son and breastfed him while still in the water. I do not think this would have been possible had it not been for Katie’s support. (SK)

Stories of parenthood

Waiting for a Miscarriage – Expectant Management

By Katie | April 14, 2021

It was a week ago yesterday, at 12 weeks that I learned my pregnancy hadn’t survived beyond 7-8 weeks.  My womb had cruelly continued to grow as though I was still pregnant but the embryo inside had died.  The first I learned that all was not ok was through brown discharge, turning to pink, turning … Read more

TW – Miscarriagie Diary – Early Pregnancy Unit – Prioritising which woman deserve reassurance

By Katie | April 8, 2021

I’m spotting, brown discharge. My midwife reassures me.  I am reassured.  This could be normal.  Yes – I know it can be.  Cling on to that hope. I’m spotting pink discharge. My midwife reassures me.  Only fresh red blood should be a concern.  Cling on to that hope. I’m spotting fresh red blood, EPU ask … Read more

TW – Miscarriagie Diary – Hide your grief

By Katie | April 8, 2021

“Maybe you should just say its ladies problems”? Except it isnt -just a ladies problem. Its grief, raw grief, pain……… I have a dead baby inside me I didn’t put it in there alone so how is it just my problem? Or Ladies Problems?   “I dont think they need to know right now………” Is … Read more