‘Train your baby like a dog’ – The Review

I am a Postpartum Doula, Birth and Parenting Educator and Coach, I have a particular interest in supporting parents with normal infant sleep and toddler behaviour. In 2012 I trained with both: Sarah Ockwell Smith – Psychologist with a specialism in Child Development – Formerly BabyCalm/ToddlerCalm and now The Gentle Parenting Series Dr Vic Montgomery, … Read more

Child Of Mine – Birth Loss Awareness Week

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Why I am urging everyone to go and watch the screening of Child of Mine. Baby Loss Awareness Week. 09th – 15th October 2018  After much deliberation, debate and deep thought I decided to purchase my ticket for the screening of Child of mine, being hosted at the Arts theatre, Cambridge on Monday 8th October … Read more

Are you really keeping your children out of the divorce?

Parents Arguing Sad Children

Are you really keeping your children out of the divorce?

The answer is most likely to be No. Even those that think they are putting their children’s needs first are most likely not, because it takes great strength of character and emotional awareness to do so, and unfortunately most adults do not have the skills or the proper support to do this.

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Why I try not to shout at my children

I I have spent the entire day feeling seriously cheesed off. I am annoyed with myself.  I am tired, currently working nights and I spent my previous evening off attempting to engage in conversation with some people on facebook that had a different opinion to me – Yep – I chose that – instead of … Read more

Motherhood or Stock Replenishment??

New Year reflections have caused me to recognise that for one reason or another, mainly that huge, overwhelming thing called ‘life’ I have started to lose sight of many of my parenting values and goals and my own personal goals in recent months. Of late I have begun to feel very overwhelmed and much like … Read more

Tell me a good birth story – Guest blog!

Two and a half years after my son’s premature birth I found myself pregnant again. Having suffered postnatal depression and post traumatic shock after my first birthing experience I was nervous that it would affect my second, especially since I knew the impact that fear can have on labour and birth. I was also worried … Read more