Why I try not to shout at my children

I I have spent the entire day feeling seriously cheesed off. I am annoyed with myself.  I am tired, currently working nights and I spent my previous evening off attempting to engage in conversation with some people on facebook that had a different opinion to me – Yep – I chose that – instead of … Read more

Motherhood or Stock Replenishment??

New Year reflections have caused me to recognise that for one reason or another, mainly that huge, overwhelming thing called ‘life’ I have started to lose sight of many of my parenting values and goals and my own personal goals in recent months. Of late I have begun to feel very overwhelmed and much like … Read more

Tell me a good birth story – Guest blog!

Two and a half years after my son’s premature birth I found myself pregnant again. Having suffered postnatal depression and post traumatic shock after my first birthing experience I was nervous that it would affect my second, especially since I knew the impact that fear can have on labour and birth. I was also worried … Read more

Train Your Baby Like a Dog – No – Just No!

  I’ve resurrected an article I wrote back in 2014 because I’ve just learned of a programme being aired on Channel 4 on August 20th called ‘Train your baby like a dog’.  Frankly, I’m horrified it’s being given air time….. “Dog trainer and behaviourist Jo-Rosie Haffenden believes we should apply dog training reward techniques to … Read more

Why I ditched Controlled Crying

Becoming a Mum My first baby was born in 2007, my birth experience could have been better: a very long labour with a midwife that didn’t much want to be there, ending with a dramatic finish in Theatre.  It was however, love at first sight and our little boy was perfect. I was very lucky … Read more

Positive Parenting or Perfect Parenting?

I was talking to a friend recently and she happened to mention that she felt those that followed Attachment or Positive parenting principles seemed to give off this vibe that they think they are perfect. I hate labels but this statement stayed in my head and I kept thinking about it. I guess for a … Read more