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Parenting can be the most rewarding, but challenging time of our lives.  We want so much to get things right for our children, however life itself can be hugely challenging at times, our babies and children can be very challenging at times and Parenting can become hugely over-whelming.

How can we remain connected to our babies and children and ensure the healthiest emotional development for them?

My experiences over the past few years of listening and talking to parents have lead me to research and further study child development and the positive impact our parenting can have on our children.

I am very excited to offer tailor made Parenting 1-1’s in the comfort of your own home.  The opportunity for you to talk about your parenting journey so far.  The opportunity to explore the challenges you have faced or are currently facing.  The opportunity to hear suggestions on ways to move forward and to put together your own unique parenting plan and long term parenting goals with an experienced parent educator.

The 1-1 consists of a 30 minute phonecall or email exchanging your current challenges, concerns and hopes.

A 2 hour tailored 1-1 in your home.

A follow up email.

Here is what one of my clients said about her Parenting 1-1:-

“Katie joined us at home for pancakes in the kitchen, giving her a chance to see us all and how we were together. She chatted to our son and let him take her into the garden and show her his tree house.

Afterwards Katie let me talk a lot and I felt she’d got a real idea of our parenting journey so far. She had lots of suggestions for things to try in different situations, to maintain connection and to re-connect when needed, to respond to different behaviours and to manage our own feelings. She was generous in sharing stories of her own (checking I welcomed this as not everyone might) which I found very helpful. She also showed me some books I might want to read around various themes.

It became clear Katie knew a lot about many different areas including brain development and emotions, non-violent communication, attachment, EFT/tapping and other techniques for emotional self-regulation, love-bombing…

After our meeting I felt reassured and optimistic, with lots of things to think about. Katie followed up with an email sending me links about things we’d addressed, and setting out the long-term parenting goals we’d discussed.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who feels the need of some parenting advice and support”

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